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Mom & Dad, can I buy this App?

Contribution by Dennis Phillips (SHB Middle Form Dean) Recently I was traveling late at night in a rental car without a GPS. I didn’t know the city and had never visited it before so I found myself making all the wrong turns and entering into that mysterious state called lost. A few weeks later I […]

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Are Fractions the New Gatekeeper to higher levels of Mathematics?

Traditionally the study of fractions begins in 4th or 5th grade and typically students are taught how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.  Children spend a great deal of time applying a complex set of rules and trying to master when to apply which rule.  Unfortunately, the application of rote procedures without conceptual understanding […]

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Masterminds and Wingmen

When I found out that my first child was going to be a boy, I breathed an audible sigh of relief. I naively thought that because I was a male I would have some kind of unique insight and gift that would help me be the best parent for my son.  What I’ve discovered is […]

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Talking Mindset

In the last few weeks I’ve  had the opportunity to meet with  several dozen faculty and parents to discuss the tenets of Dr. Carol Dweck’s book, Mindset.  The central premise of the book advocates for fostering and developing in our children and in ourselves a growth mindset versus getting mired in the trappings of a […]

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What to talk about during Parent-Teacher conferences

With Parent-Teacher Conferences approaching, I thought it might be helpful to provide a few prompts to think about in evaluating your son’s progress.  While getting information from teachers on how well your son is mastering the skills and content of the curricular program are important, what is equally important is to get a read on […]

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Your Brain on Jane Austen or…

Hoffman librarian, Tevis Jones sent me this link to an NPR segment highlighting recent neuroscience research conducted by a literature professor which appears to demonstrate a critical difference in how our brains are engaged during “causal” or pleasure reading versus more intense, “focused” reading (the kind you do when studying a text for an exam).  […]

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Inservice 2012: Technology and Learning

A couple times a year, we suspend regular instruction for faculty inservice.  You may be wondering what we do during this time and why is it so important.  During my Back to School address, I mentioned several initiatives that we will embark upon over the course of the year. One of those initiatives is to […]

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Raising Successful Children

I think people often assume that because I’m an educator I must have the whole parenting thing down pat.  It is true that there are many parallels that exist between educating students and parenting children.  However, I can tell you that I struggle at times like everyone else when parenting my three children.  I’m a […]

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Six things parents want to know…

During the summer months, my stockpile of articles/books/movies on education and parenting has been building up.  My hope is to share these with the community over the course of the school year.  The tough decision now is to choose the first one (ok, maybe not so tough but it makes for better copy). Six things […]

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Invention and Improv = 21st century learning

Last year’s theme of Creativity and Innovation provided the focus to more fully incorporate 21st century learning skills into our curricular and co-curricular program. Other skills which are equally important include critical thinking, collaboration, character and communication.  What’s exciting to witness is the actual manifestation of these dispositions in the projects being completed by our […]

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