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5 Cs and Advanced Portfolio

Last week I introduced Pat Bassett’s “5 Cs (+1)” concept of schools for the 21st century.  To refresh, the Cs are Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, Character, and Collaboration (and the +1 is Cosmopolitanism — Cross-Cultural Competency).  His blog that introduces this concept is here. Originally I thought I would present one C per week, but […]

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Rosa Parks

Where do our ski trip and the Civil Rights Movement come together? Rosa Parks. As many of you know, this weekend we have a number of guys going on our annual ski trip (which may turn out to be a hiking trip).   It usually falls on the weekend after the long Dr. Martin Luther King […]

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“It’s only a game.”

Last week I made a relatively ill-fated decision to attend Monday night’s Fiesta Bowl.  If you would ever like to hear my thoughts regarding the public transit system in Phoenix, or what it was like to stay at the “home” hotel of the opposing team’s players, coaches, and families, I’ll be happy to share them […]

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In last week’s blog I provided a link with information about a cluster of prehistoric monuments in Ireland with inner chambers that are illuminated by the sun on the Winter Solstice.  The sun comes in once a year — for 17 minutes in the largest one — and for the rest of the year (for […]

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